What You Must See While Visiting Arenal

What You Must See While Visiting Arenal in Costa Rica!!!

Costa Rica boasts such unique and diverse plants and animals throughout the country that there are tons of adventures to be had.

When planning your trip to the famous Arenal Volcano there are a couple of activities that you should be sure to check out.

1. Zip lining in Arenal is one of the best ways to see the view from atop the mountains. It’s cooler in Arenal so it’s an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon flying through the air at top speeds. This can give you a great view of the Volcano as well as a view of the lush green landscape below.

2. A horse tour is an awesome way to view the volcano. Perfect if you’re looking for more of an adventure then a work out. A great activity for families with children and even a romantic way to spend the day for couples. Great guides with tons of experience riding horses in this terrain.

3. Check out one of the many ecological educational sites near Arenal. A great place to experience nature up close, and learn about the plants and animals around Costa Rica. Also a cool way to get up close photos of some of the beautiful butterflies and frogs in the jungle.

4. Lake Arenal is another sight that you will be sure to see while you are driving to the town but you should definitely at least pull over to absorb the sights. There are some mellow hikes as well that take you to a look out point. An interesting story is that the city used to be located underneath the lake! As a man made dam there are still infrastructures underneath where the old city remains.

5. The hot springs are a must do activity. There are tons of options of Hot Springs at different prices, and even the untouched springs right off the highway. A great way to relax and enjoy your vacation.

6. Check out the Venado Caves while you’re in the La Fortuna area. A very fun and exciting adventure to experience another part of beautiful side of Costa Rica. Chock full of adventure that may not be the best experience for the claustrophobic.

7. Looking for the path a little less charted. Head to Cerro Chato, an incredibly strenuous hike just one mile up and one mile down. A tough trek for even the athletically inclined. A gorgeous view to enjoy and you will be feeling the pain from the hike for at least a couple of days. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Take an ATV tour through the jungle and river scenery of Arenal. Great tours that take you the La Fortuna Waterfall. Not the cheapest activity you will experience but definitely worth considering it if your looking for a fast paced tour through the jungle.

Taken from Horizon Pacific Management http://ow.ly/i/2LM0o

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