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Room Service: $4.00

Vital Lounge

Welcome to La Fortuna, San Carlos

La Fortuna de San Carlos, at the foothill of the Arenal Volcano; is a location with the perfect combination of relaxation, nature, adventure and fun. For us it is a pleasure to receive you, and we will be attentive, during your stay, to give you a great experience. La Fortuna belongs to San Carlos, an area rich in nature, agriculture and where 80% of milk is produced throughout the country, The «Northern Zone» also hosts important National Parks and Wildlife Refuges, such as the Arenal Volcano National Park, Juan Castro Blanco National Park and the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, providing a enormous biodiversity that will surely be a great memory in your camera. The Arenal Volcano, is the pearl of San Carlos horizon, its scenic beauty will amaze you during your visit. If you want more information, about the different activities that can extend your experience, do not hesitate to visit us at our reception. Enjoy with us, your stay!

Be a Green Guest!

  • Use strictly necessary lights.
  • Close faucets and showers when not in use.
  • Use the Air Conditioning in a temperature of 75ºF. This not only makes the equipment work efficiently, but also prevents condensation drips.
  • If you want towels or clean bedding, place them on the floor.


On our property, it is usual to observe different species of fauna and flora

  • For your safety, and the safety of the animals, keep your distance.
  • Do not invade their space, or try to touch them
  • When in the presence of animal species, always move slowly, silently and watching where you are walking.
  • Do not yell and do not make much movement to warn other people about what you are observing.
  • Avoid disturbing animals.
  • Do not touch them, nor their nests or burrows, as many species are disturbed and even leave the area.
  • Do not separate or break branches to better observe them.
  • Don’t throw objects at them.
  • If the animal is restless, stay away.
  • Do not reproduce their vocalizations or noises.
  • Do not break, or try to extract plants; apart from the fact that being may not survive; it is exposed to legal consequences.

Wireless Access

The property has Wireless Internet Access. To access, your device must be Wi-Fi enabled, and connected to the SSID: WiFi Volcano, Contraseña: Volcano1234


The safe is free of charge. We recommend that your valuables be stored inside. Please be advised that the hotel will not be held responsible for any loss of valuables left in guest rooms.


  1. Press the programming button behind the door.
  2. Enter your own 4-digit and 1-letter code (A or B)
  3. Close the door If you require

Early Check Out, please tell us at least one day before

Check Out Time: the check out time is at 12:00 noon, after that time the key of your room will be deprogrammed, and must assume a cost of $ 50.00 per hour

Costa Rican Coffee: In your room you will find a sample of our globally recognized coffee.

Surá Bar & Bistro: Our restaurant is open from 11:00 until 22:00. Access with food and beverages, purchased outside the property, is not allowed.

Arenal Lobby Sport Bar: Our bar, located next to the reception area, offers a light food menu and a varied liquor and mixology menu. The ideal place to enjoy sporting events and good music. Open from 14:30 to 22:00

Chonete Thermal Wet Bar: It is open from 14:00 to 22:00. Cash payments are not allowed in this area. Access is not allowed with food and beverages purchased outside the property

Happy Hour: at Chonete Thermal Wet Bar from 16:00 to 18:00; at Arenal Lobby Sport Bar from 17:00 to 19:00, at Sura Bar & Bistro from 16:00 to 18:00

Breakfast at the Sura Bar & Bistro: start your day with the buffet breakfast, included in your lodging, from 6:30 to 10:00

Cleaning Service: The cleaning service is performed in case you require it, in this case, you must request it to our Reception, dialing 0. In case you do not want the service, at the time of occupying the room, please use the door hangers.

Customer Service Hours: personnel are available at the Reception, 24 hours a day.

Messages: we will be happy to send messages or emails addressed to you, to your room.

Activities: from our property, multiple activities can be booked: naturalistic, cultural, adventure and much more. Check our catalog.


Messages: we will be happy to send messages or emails addressed to you, to your room.

Pool towel tickets are given at check in. Tickets can be exchanged for towels at Surá Bar & Bistro. Tickets or towels must be returned to the front desk at check out; otherwise, $20.00 per towel will be charged to your account.

Visitors: for your safety and the safety of other guests, visitors are not allowed on our property.

Pets are not allowed inside the property. In case of non-compliance, the hotel reserves the right to request the abandonment of the property.

All rooms are smoke-free (Law 9028), your non-compliance will have a $150.00 penalty.

Respect: Avoid any conduct of harassment, bullying and/or violence that affects other customers and employees.

Continuous improvement: Our property is undergoing a continuous renovation program of rooms and areas.

From 10:00 pm to 07:00 am, it is our quiet time in the Tropical Rain Forest. We invite all guests to be quiet and avoid activities that may disturb other guests.

If you are in our Thermal areas, you are asked to follow the following rules, after 10 pm:

Do not handle glass objects near water.
Do not pollute the water.
Collect all the waste generated during your stay at that point.
Do not generate noise out of respect for other guests.
Do not enter the bars.

Our Fauna: within our property, there are several species of animals, typical of the Rainforest. Learn more here

Water Experience

  • The Sura and Arenal swimming pools and Jacuzzi areas are open from 8:00 to 22:00
  • The Thermal Oasis is closed from 5:00 to 7:00.
  • The Chonete Thermal Wet Bar at the Thermal Forest Hot Springs is open from 14:00 to 22:00. Cash payments are not allowed in this section.

When visiting our Thermal Forest section, please place your cloths and towels in the boxes provided for that purpose.

Access with food and beverages purchased outside the property is not allowed (except in the Arenal Pool Area).

Our thermal areas are Wellness places, intended for relaxation, rest, mental and spiritual therapy, all musical manifestation, whether through electronic devices or instruments is totally forbidden, for the peace and enjoyment of all visitors.

Some general recommendations for the use of thermal waters are:

  • It is always better to ask your doctor, before using hot springs therapy, in case you are pregnant or have any disease.
  • Avoid bathing alone in hot springs, older adults should use them with caution, and do not use them if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you take medication for heart disease be careful.
  • Do not overheat, stay well hydrated and if you suffer from skin diseases that are contagious, use private pools.
  • Avoid staying for prolonged periods of time in hot springs, some people may be susceptible to changes in blood pressure.

For more information about our hot springs, visit our specialized site


Wellness | Fitness:

Our property offers, free of charge, the use of equipment, structures, trails and spaces, for the practice of physical activity: exercises, yoga, walks, running and much more. More info.

Trails: our property can be traversed, along a path, on the perimeter of the area.

Get Out and Fitness: our proposed outdoor gym, with biomechanical equipment, bars, weight equipment, among others; located in the Arenal Pool Area. The equipment can be requested through the reception staff.

Yoga Deck: Near the Arenal Pool Area, you will find our Yoga Deck. Yoga mats can be requested from the front desk staff.

Vital Chill Out Lounge: a place to read, talk, relax, eat or drink… a different kind of place.

Contact us, check:

  • Frontdesk: 0
  • Sura Bar & Bistro: 604
  • Arenal Lobby Sport Bar: 600
  • Chonete  ThermalWet Bar: 628
  • Reservations: 605

We offer local transportation service to/from other national destinations. Check with the Reception personnel for availability

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