A perfect trip to Costa Rica Costa Rica

A perfect trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica may look small, but it conceals mysterious cloud forests, quiet beaches and extraordinary wildlife.

Take a look of this little guide!

La Fortuna: best for adventure
For centuries, no-one in La Fortuna knew that a volcano loomed over their town. Farmers who lived in the area referred to the towering peak simply as Cerro Arenal – Arenal Hill. The misnomer didn’t become apparent until the ‘hill’ suddenly rumbled into life.
When Arenal began putting on its regular pyrotechnic displays in the late 1960s, the area drew the attention of international volcanologists as well as thrill-seeking travellers. Seeing lava flows today depends on the volcano’s daily moods, and a lack of clouds around the summit. However, Arenal’s activities have also turned La Fortuna into a centre for outdoor adventure, with trails that range from wheelchair-friendly to a four-hour hike up to the crater lake of Arenal’s dormant neighbour, Volcán Chato.

Source: Lonely Planet http://ow.ly/o4vAm

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