As always, a pleasure to greet you from Volcano Lodge & Springs!

In our efforts to provide an excellent experience Customer Service, Volcano Lodge & Springs, has decentralized the calls of some of its departments, to provide excellent service in all communication processes, be they customers, suppliers or business partners .

Thus, the main hotel number and the Sales and Reservations Department, now is the 2479 2800.

Additionally we have enabled hotlines to the following departments:

Tourdesk: attention of Tour Operators and Tours Customers

  • 2479 2801


  • 2479 2802


  • 2479 2810
  • 2479 2811
  • 2479 2812

Human Resources:

  • 2479 2803

Sura Bar & Bistro Restaurant: seats reservations

  • 2479 2804

We wish to provide the excellent customer service that characterizes us.

Greetings from La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

Volcano Lodge & Springs

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